Lockin is an innovative new brand under Yunding, a global smart lock company headquartered in Beijing, China. Since 2014, we secured a foothold in cutting-edge smart locks technology and deep manufacturing expertise, and aim to improve consumer lives through smart home experiences. We have shipped over 3.5 million units of products to customers around the world, such as Europe, Canada, and Japan.

Προβολή όλων των 3 αποτελεσμάτων

LOCKIN G30 Keypad Pro

SKU: 106025
Ασύρματο πληκτρολόγιο συμβατό με την συσκευή LOCKIN G30 Smart Lock.

LOCKIN G30 Smart Lock

SKU: 106024
Μηχανισμός μετατροπής κλειδαριάς σε αυτόματη.

LOCKIN G30 WiFi Bridge

SKU: 106026
Συσκευή για απομακρυσμένη διαχείριση των G30 Smart Lock & G30 Keypad.